Psychic Chakras in the Body | The Seven Major Chakras Of The Human Body

Psychic Chakras in the Body

Understanding Chakras

Psychic Chakras are first step towards energy as well as existence in the physical body. Our organs and chakras are interconnected. They respond and act in response with the energy and vibration obtained from Pranic Shakti Yoga Music. Imbalance or stress cropping up due to the emotional, intellectual and devout position of an individual brings about dissension of energy flow in the Chakras,

In various yogic breathing exercises, the sounds of each chakra are utilized for vibrating those individual chakras. Though, the common sound which reverberates with all chakras is Aum which signifies?I am,?the initial sound of the universe.?Many astronauts after their journey in space have also reported the existence of the?aum?sound in space and it is this same sound that pulsates with our Chakras.

Power of sevenschakras

One other conclusion can be drawn from the salient balance of nature through the seven colors present in the sun’s waves (VIBGYOR) which are further associated with each of the seven Chakras. There are seven notes in music – SA, RE, GA, MA, PA, DHA, NI, also seven days in a week. Also, there are only 7 remedies for all diseases.The whole world celebrates Indian classical music for the seven notes. These seven notes are crucial for Indian music.

All these facts confirm the immense knowledge of the human body by our ancestors, who created calming melodies for every occasion starting from the morning to the night for constructing the correct mood along with precise ambience accountable for the operations of all systems such as the endocrine, respiratory, digestive, nervous, urinary and reproductive systems. In addition, it operates as a defensive guard against germs plus contaminated bio-plasma. Every toxin, waste and germ from the body is excluded by health rays which are perpendicular to the body through pores, resultant in cleansing the whole body.

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