How To Remove Tension Through Meditation Tips For Beginners

How to Remove Tension through Meditation Tips For Beginners

stressStress :

This is a sensation of extreme pressure. Inability to cope with pressure leads to the pressure becoming stress. Some stress is helpful in boosting the performance of an individual as the person tries to counter the situation. Numerous people engage in thrilling activities because they enjoy the thrill of it. Excessive amounts of stress leads to harm to the body. It increases the risk of heart problems, mental illnesses, etc.

It can be caused by multiple situations, the majority of them being work and relationships related such as unemployment, diagnosis of a disease, loss of a loved one, divorce, etc. A person can feel stressful if he is not comfortable in a particular situation.

It affects how a person thinks, feels and reacts. it’s Symptoms are sweat loss, lack of sleep, lack of hunger, etc. It is not an illness but can lead to one if left untreated.

Mental changes

When a person is stressed, the body produces adrenalin also known as the fight or flight hormone, preparing the body in case of an emergency. This hormone is essential for survival in certain situations. If a person is in tension, the body will continuously produce adrenaline. Adrenaline increases the heartbeat, quickens perspiration, reduces blood flow to skin, etc.

These changes are not helpful when you are doing a normal activity you cannot expend these hormones so they remain collected in your body. These can pave the way for strokes in long term.

Emotional Changes

A person’s emotions undergo drastic changes when stressed. He feels angry, frustrated, nervous, etc. These can cause dizziness and headaches.

Causes of stress –

  • Catastrophes such as floods, earthquakes, etc. are unexpected and are bound to cause immense amounts of stress to people. A study found that people who had witnessed a natural disaster or a war had higher stress levels than people who did not.
  • Major changes in the lifestyle such as marriage, divorce, etc., though rare, have been known to cause stress in people’s lives.
  • A person’s stress level increases daily as he works and faces minor problems such as meetings, fights, etc.

Dealing With Stress

It is a thing which everyone must avoid. There are numerous ways of dealing with it.

Meditation helps ease anxiety. It alters the brain’s neural pathway making an individual more resilient to stress. It helps relax the brain and body muscles causing the person to experience peace. Daily meditation has been known to have a profound influence in the lives of peoples.

Identifying the causes of your condition will help you get rid of the it. Try to sort the reasons you are suffering from it. Do not worry about the things which you cannot help. Focus on those things which you can help and think of solutions to them.

After you have thought about your problems, prioritize them. This will solve a multitude of your problems and make your life much easier. Reduce activities like smoking, drinking, etc. They seem like they help to reduce tension but they make things worse.

Physical exercise such as walking, jogging, etc. has a big impact on the thinking of a person. You meet people and breathe in fresh air. It helps refresh your mind.

All of the above mentioned points will definitely help you overcome stress and pressure in your life.

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