How To Remove Negative Energy From The Human Body

Negativity Cleansing Through Meditation

27Negativity is an attitude that we form about something, even about things that are beneficial to others. Negative Energy a way of seeing things that we attach to everything, a label we attach to everything. The mind has a tendency of being negative and attaching it to everything happening in real life. Whenever the mind is active, there is some part of it that focuses on negativity.

Fear and desire are the twin negative influences in our life. Fear clearly makes a person negative. They start to think that something bad will happen to them . The negative (Negative Energy) thoughts that are being produced in the brain at the time does not allow him to think any further than that and he continues having negative thoughts. Even when the danger has passed, the person will not be able to concentrate properly. Desire affects our brain similarly. We want something so we work hard for it. If we do not achieve our goals, our brains start producing negative vibes. We tend to start thinking that something is not right, the world is incorrect. If the person caught in the influx of negative thoughts cannot recover, this becomes a problem. This problem is known as negativity.

How to counter Negativity or Negative Energy?

Negativity can be solved by allowing our hearts to think as well as the word human means a compassionate being. Allowing our hearts to think will allow us to feel and understand ourselves better. All things would be made easier by seeing them from a different perspective. Not feeling negative and clearing our minds while trying to think will make you realize that nothing is wrong with the world, things are the way they are. There are going to be all sorts of things happening to you. What is important is to keep thinking positive and moving forward.

This is the acceptance of life. This is living from your heart and realizing that love is a very powerful energy.

When one is negative, he thinks of himself as the victim. Then he thinks of negative thoughts to justify the situation that he is in. The real problem is when we start seeing ourselves as a victim and think of situations to prove ourselves right. We need to start seeing both sides of the coin and see the positive as well as not-so-positive sides of an issue. We must then be able to grasp the facts and proceed.

As our consciousness grows, the more positive we become. We will be able to respond to things from our hearts as well as use our brains to infer the situation.

Steps to stop negative thinking

  1. Extreme thinking: A person tends to think in extremes when he is negative. It makes him see future events in disasters and catastrophes. To overcome this, you must focus on success instead of failure.
  2. Taking all responsibility– Negative people blame themselves for anything that happens around them or even if it has nothing to do with them. Stop and think for a second if you had the control of the situation.
  3. Over imagining things – A negative person’s brain is always thinking of the worst thing that could happen. It always takes a future event and thinks of failure. This further scares off the person. He gets more tangled in the web of darkness. Imagination is to be used constructively, not negatively. Stop focusing on the future and the negative things too much.

As you can see, negativity can be highly detrimental to you and your life. If you are suffering from negativity, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you to our fullest and get rid of all negative thoughts.


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