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Sacral ChakraSacral Chakra (SWADHISTHANA): Goddess Shakti is also a supervising divinity of the Swadhisthana or Navel chakra. She is placed at this chakra as a Rakini Shakti. Navel chakra is situated in the Sacrum. She rules the entire characteristics of the Navel chakra namely?relations, hostility, obsession and contentment, reproduction and?fundamental emotional requirements?along with other managing deity.

Persons with unbiased Navel chakra will experience betterment in the field of reproduction, creativeness, delight and passion. On the other hand disturbed energy flow in this chakra will be evident for a disturbance in governing factors.

By reciting Shakti mantra one can clean, balance, restore and open the Navel chakra. Following is the Sanskrit mantra for Navel or Swadhisthana chakra.

Location: Under the navel on top of the pubic bone.

Function: Sexual vigour, feelings and sentiments.

Emotions connected: Sexuality, sensuality, compassion, creativeness, family bondage and social manners.

Obstruction of energy will end in lack of self approval, self-love and self-esteem.

Related organs: Ovaries and testes, fluids in the body.

Diseases: Bowel and bladder troubles, irregular menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, impotence in both sexes along with disorders in the reproductive system.

Ruling planet: Mercury (lunar, feminine).

Associated colour: Orange.

Sanskrit Mantra for?Navel or Swadhisthana Chakra: This mantra is for the paying tribute to Goddess Shakti as Rakini shakti. The implication of this mantra is – “Salutation to Goddess who is seated at the lotus of the Navel chakra “. Every chakra is of the appearance of lotus with certain petals. This chakra has 6 petals in lotus. This hymn is given in both English and Devanagari script for pronunciation purpose. You can utilize surrounded audio below this mantra for listening the mantra.

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Om svadhisthanambujaa-gahtaayei namaha

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