Meditation Tips and Technique for Beginners – Meditation for Quick Relaxation

Meditation TechniquesMeditation Techniques

tune into begin with, you sit in a comfortable position on a chair and close your eyes. You can play soft meditation music according to your choice. Take three long breaths and begin. When you exhale your shoulders should drop down. The breathing process should be normal as you allow your mind to become clear. Now mentallyo your Chakra system.


Meditation Tips and Technique for Beginners

1) Base Chakra

To the base of your spine this it is located. It is in red color and is associated with your adrenals. All our materialistic desires, physical body and financial matters are connected to this chakra. Any kind of blockage to this chakra will make you not feel completely grounded and feel unmotivated. When it is overactive, you become aggressive and hyperactive. Each it is similar to the wheels of energy and they can either be moving too quickly or too slowly. Consider them as small batteries that make you charged up throughout the day. Imagine this chakra as a glowing red disc of light moving either too fast or too slow or even not at all? Think that you can even control this spinning disc by grabbing the disc and making it move slow or faster.

2) Navel Chakra And Imagine The Spot Two Fingers Below

It connects with your emotions; desires and creativity and it is your sacral chakra. It is an orange glowing disc. It is even related to your sex drive. When the chakra becomes overactive, you may feel worried or possessive. When the chakra gets under active, you might experience poorer sexual drive or feel introverted. It is associated on enjoying life with passion. Speed it up or slow it down until it?s moving at a nice pace.

3) Solar Plexus Chakra Which Is Between Your Navel And Rib Cage

The confidence level and your self esteem deals with this chakra. This is a major psychic receptor area. The correct functioning of the chakra will make you feel balanced and confident. Any obstruction in the chakra will make you experience stomach disorders and feel nervous or worried a lot. Imagine a bright yellow golden light emanating from this chakra. If it is moving a slow speed, then imagine yourself moving the disc.

4) Heart Chakra

According to the name the heart chakra is located at your heart and represents compassion, love and joy. It is the center chakra and it is linked with your mind, body and spirit. If your heart chakra is balanced it shows that you can transform any past hurts into love. Heart chakra in an overactive state depicts your anger and jealousy feeling. An underactive condition leads to emotions of being unloved or lacking compassion for yourself and even others. Imagine it as a bright green light. Spend some time in moving the disc and let your heart open up. As the disc moves you may experience some tears of joy or sadness. Feel those feelings and love yourself for performing this act of compassion.

5) Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is found to the throat and is connected with communication and sounds. So are you clearing your throat and many might get sore throats too? This shows that your throat needs some attention. When you speak truth with confidence this shows that the throat chakra is balanced. If the throat chakra is underactive, you resist change and your mind and your words are not balanced. When it?s overactive, you may speak aggressively towards others. It is as bright as light blue spinning disc. If the chakra is moving fast or slow or not at all, then we can work according to it.

6) Eye Chakra Located Between Your Eye – Brows

This chakra deals with clairvoyance (or being able to ?see? psychically). When the chakra moves slowly, then you may feel scared to move forward or come into your own. With fast movement of the disc you might be worrying too much or get headaches. Meditating, exercising and breathing can help balance this chakra. Imagine the disc as a glowing indigo color. Look at the disc and watch it move and see the speed of the disc push accordingly.

7) Final Chakra Is Crown Chakra Located at The Top Of The Head

This deals with your higher self and is connected with your spiritual wisdom. Positive energy enters through your crown chakra and energizes you when the chakra is balanced. When It is not flowing right, you can feel depressed, unhappy, disconnected, and blocked from inspiration. To open the crown chakra takes the help of yoga, meditation, and breathing. Think of a bright violet light rotating right at the top of your head. This light should be glowing brightly. If you see that your crown chakra disc is spinning slowly, and then gives it a push. If it?s moving too fast, then take some deep relaxing breaths and feel it slow down.

When you balance each of your chakras, it?s like you?re charging up your energy batteries. When they are moving in a balanced way, you should feel like your entire being is glowing. When you lie on bed can give a quick check-up of your chakras at night or while standing in the shower. Take a look at how brightly your chakras are glowing? if you find any of the disc getting slow just give a push and make them move fast.

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