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 Reasons Why People Like Kundli Reading Services

Kundli Kundli Reading:

A kundli is a representation of the positions of celestial bodies at the exact time of the birth of an individual. This is noted along with the date, time and place of birth. A kundli is used to predict events along with the time at which they may occur in the life of the individual.

Sage Parashara is regarded as the father of astronomy. He wrote the scripture “Brihat Parashara Horasastra” which contains the basics and the rules of astrology. It was written in 700BC.

The local mean time at the place of birth of the individual is calculated by an astrologer to find the Ascendant. Then, the kundli is divided into 12 different houses. The position of the houses remains fixed but the other celestial bodies move to them for fixed time periods.All these planets move through the houses during the entire life span of the individual. Sometimes, one of these planets takes very long to move, meaning it has a substantial effect like rahu, which is a point in the zodiac. It causes extreme anger, agitation, frustration, anxiety, etc.Each of these celestial bodies represents a certain aspect, condition of life, happenings, possibilities, etc. in the life of an individual. The position of these bodies is the indication of an upcoming event or the indications of one.

The First Six Houses

There are 12 houses in kundli, each representing a different aspect of life. Given below are the first six houses-

  1. The first house is the Ascendant. It is the most important house as it defines the physique and personality of the individual. This encompasses health, vitality, memory, body, looks, etc.
  2. The second house is the house of money. It rules the person’s money-making ability, his finances, resources, etc. It indicates a person’s degree of prosperity along with wealth earnt by individual effort.
  3. The third is the house of communications and correspondence. It includes a person’s ability to communicate, brothers, sisters, cousins, thoughts, valor, etc. It refers to Gemini, the third house of Zodiac.
  4. The fourth house rules a person’s tangible assets, house, home, domestic affairs, etc. This house is also called the grave or womb indicating the mother as well as private affairs of an individual. It indicates property choices of the person too.
  5. The fifth house rules a person’s creative mind, expressions, children, favorite activities, etc. The house is house of creativity including creating progeny. It tells whether one will be having children or not and also deals with tastes and entertainment.
  6. The sixth house indicates sickness and diseases. It tells about the length, duration, recovery from disease, etc. The sixth house rules one’s debt, sickness, work, etc. It relates to the category of the work done by an individual.

    The Other Six Houses

  7. The seventh house rules a person’s marriage, relationships, quarrels, etc. The house is the “house of union”, which indicates marriage. It also rules the niece and nephew. It also indicates partner in business along with the level of success achieved through such partnership.
  8. The eighth house conveys the type of death and rules over the longevity, defeat, sorrow, etc. of a man. Kundli reading directly impacts a person’s life. kundli reading tells about whether a person dies a natural death or an unnatural one. It tells about the misery faced by the person throughout his/her life too.
  9. The ninth house rules one’s teacher, higher education, fortune, worship etc. It is the house of faith. This defines if a person is religious. The house shows one’s fortune as a result of past good deeds.
  10. The tenth house rules a person’s commerce, trade, business, etc. It is related to all matters of attaining fame, success and honor. It influences one’s occupation.
  11. The eleventh house rules a person’s friends circle, income, acquisition, desire, etc. It also affects friends, well wishers, etc. This house governs success in career choices and activities.
  12. The twelfth house rules one’s imprisonment, expenses, loss, etc. It is also the house of self-sacrifice and shows unselfish deeds done.


Kundli reading will help predicting your future and improving it. You can overcome the intensity of many of the future problems. It explains in detail about your character, finances and career among other things. It helps discover suitable profession for you. Kundli reading provides a deep insight into your life and helps you to make the most of it.

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