The Fourth Chakra | Heart Chakra | Anahata Chakra

Heart ChakraHeart Chakra (ANAHATA) : The other form of Goddess Shakti to embrace the chakra is Kakini shakti. In this form, she rules the Heart or Anahata chakra. This chakra is a component of thymus situated in the chest region. This chakra has green colour with 12 petals in its lotus.

The features of the chakra, she administers?along with other presiding divinity?is?multifaceted emotions, compassion, affection, unreserved love, stability, refutation as well as comfort.?Individuals with fair Heart chakra will experience betterment in the field of?circulation, unreserved love, enthusiasm and commitment.?On the other hand disturbed energy in this chakra will demonstrate a trouble in these major constraints.

By reciting Shakti mantra one can clean, balance, cure and open the Heart or Anahata chakra. Following is the Sanskrit mantra for?Heart or Anahata chakra.

Location: In the middle of the chest, or sternum.

Function: Compassion and love.

Emotions connected: Humbleness, patience, understanding, liability, unconditional love, curing centre and spiritual assessment directly associated with the spirit.

Disturbed energy will result in lack of sentiments, security and fear of communicating with strangers due to precedent appalling events

Organs connected: Thymus gland, heart, blood pressure, blood flow, lungs and immunity centres.

Diseases: Heart ailments, blood pressure, disorder of the circulatory system, and ailments associated with the immune system.

Ruling planet: Venus (lunar, feminine).

Associated colours: Green and pink.

Sanskrit Mantra for?Heart or Anahata Chakra: This mantra is for praising Goddess Shakti as a?Kakini?shakti. The denotation of this mantra is – “Salutation to Goddess who is seated at the lotus of the Heart chakra “. This mantra is given in both English and Devanagari script for pronunciation purpose. One can utilize embedded audio under this mantra for listening the mantra.

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Om anaahata-bahja-nilayayei namaha

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