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Root Chakra (Mooladhara Chakras)-“Root Chakra” (Mooladhara Chakras) – Shakti Mantra for Cleaning, Balancing, Curing and Opening Chakras

Shakti Mantra for Cleaning, Balancing, Curing and Opening Mooladhara Chakras ?

Goddess Shakti is presiding deity of the Mooladhara or Root chakra. She is placed at this chakra as a Dakini Shakti. She manages every feature of the Mooladhara chakra such as impulse, security, endurance etc. Individuals having balanced Mooladhara chakra will experience betterment in the field of sexuality, solidity, sensuality as well as security. On the other hand disturbed energy flow in this chakra will demonstrate a commotion in these constraints.

Location: The point where the sacrum connects to the coccyx from the back to the middle bottom of the pubic bone in front.

Function: Seat of Kundalini energy plus creative expression.

Emotions connected: Endurance concerns, control, aggression, strength and self approval.

Obstruction of energy will result in fear of being in the world.

Related organs: Adrenal glands, kidneys, spine, bladder and nervous system.

Diseases: Disorders of legs, hips and buttocks.

Ruling planet: Mars (solar, masculine).

Associated colour: Red

By using Shakti mantra one can clean, balance, cure and open the root chakra. Following is the Sanskrit mantra for Root chakra.

Sanskrit Mantra for Root or Mooladhar chakra: The mantra is comprised of the word – ‘mooladhaara’ and ‘rudhaa’ which denotes root chakra and seated correspondingly. This mantra is for admiration of Goddess Shakti as a Dakini Shakti. The implication of this mantra is – “Salutation to Goddess who is seated at the lotus of the root chakra “. This mantra is given in both English and Devanagari writing for pronunciation purpose. One can utilize surrounded audio following this mantra for listening the hymn.
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Om moolaa-dhaarahmbuja-rudhaayei namaha

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The First Chakra | Root Chakra | Muladhara Chakra




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