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Treatment of Depression :depression

A person with depression can feel sad, anxious and lonely. They can no longer find pleasure in the activities that they do, experience loss of appetite or overeat, have problems making decisions and experience difficulties maintaining relations. It can also be a symptom to an ailment or side effect to a drug.

A person having negative thoughts has high chances of developing depression. It is also associated with low extraversion. Extraversion is the feeling of happiness, cheerfulness, energetic behavior. One is interested only in oneself and does not want to interact with others, starting to find it rewarding to only spend time alone.When one is depressed, he tries to find faults in every little thing, even in things that are actually beneficial to one.

Negativity and depression are both connected. One leads to the other. If one starts having negative thoughts regularly, it is a sign of depression. On the other hand, if one is depressed, he is bound to have negative thoughts. It is a chain reaction. Negativity is a mindset that we form about something. It is a way in which a person sees things. Negativity in a person leads to skepticism, prejudice and closed thoughts. One cannot seem to focus on anything other than negative and depressing thoughts.

Cure Depression Through Meditation

It is not hard to cure depression and negativity. Here are some tips to overcome this hurdle-

  • Getting in a routine helps cure depression. One should start following a routine. It will help break the shackles that stop one from doing anything.
  • Setting small goals. When a person is depressed, he feels that he cannot accomplish anything. Starting small helps. Set a small target for yourself and try to accomplish it. It will provide a big boost to morale.
  • Meditation is mind without agitation. Meditation helps a person reduce stress, increases happiness and improves concentration. It has changed the lives of millions of people around the globe. It is the greatest catalyst to counter depression.
  • Healthy eating will improve your lifestyle. Foods with Omega 3 fatty acids help to reduce depression.
  • Depression leads to restlessness which leads to less sleep. Avoid distractions such as electronic devices and try to sleep well. You will feel well when you wake up.
  • Try and challenge yourself to different tasks. This will make you focus on different things and will help you gain a new perspective on life.


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