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Crown Chakra:

Shakti Mantra for Cleaning, Balancing, Curing and Opening Crown Chakra –

Crown or Sahasrara chakra signifies the unadulterated perception of the body. It is characterized by a thousand multi-colored petals of a lotus. When Goddess Shakti energy as a Kundalini Shakti augments to this point it convenes with the Shiva energy and individual advances towards the state of emancipation all the way through samadhi. It is situated at the crown of the head or above it.

Through this chakra Goddess administers the inner perception and death of the body. Its inner action deals with the release of karma. Individual with unbiased or open crown or Sahasrara chakra will experience improved meditation,?universal awareness and harmony as well as?compassion.

By reciting Shakti mantra one can clean, balance, cure and open the Crown or Sahasrara chakra. Following is the Sanskrit or Vedic mantra for Crown or Sahasrara chakra.

Location: Top of the head.

Function: Relation to our superior or devout self.

Emotions connected: Harmony with all things, inner feeling improvement, awareness along with transpersonal responsiveness.

Deficient energy will result in solitude.

Organs connected: Pineal gland.

Diseases: Psychotic disorders, severe angst, disbelief and failure to face actuality.

Ruling planet: Ketu.

Associated colour: Violet, white and gold.

Sanskrit Mantra for?Crown or Sahasrara?Chakra: The denotation of this mantra is – “Salutation to Goddess who is positioned at the thousand petals lotus of the Crown chakra “. This mantra is provided in both English and Devanagari script for pronunciation purpose. One can utilize embedded audio following this mantra for listening the mantra.
Om sahasra-dala-padma-sthaayei namaha

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