Psychic Chakras in the Body | The Seven Major Chakras Of The Human Body

Psychic Chakras in the Body Understanding Chakras Psychic Chakras are first step towards energy as well as existence in the physical body. Our organs and chakras are interconnected. They respond and act in response with the energy and vibration obtained from Pranic Shakti Yoga Music. Imbalance or stress cropping up due to the emotional, intellectual[…]


Kundli Reading Services Has The Answer To Everything by Mr. Vivek Prabhakar

┬áReasons Why People Like Kundli Reading Services Kundli : A kundli is a representation of the positions of celestial bodies at the exact time of the birth of an individual. This is noted along with the date, time and place of birth. A kundli is used to predict events along with the time at which[…]


How To Use Vastu To Improve Your Life

How To Use Vastu To Improve Your Life The Shastra is an ancient teaching of architecture describing the principles of designing a building to channel positive energy into our homes and offices or any building. It incorporates traditional Hindu beliefs and has brought peace to Indian households for millennia and continues to do so till[…]

remove tension through meditation

How To Remove Tension Through Meditation Tips For Beginners

How to Remove Tension through Meditation Tips For Beginners Stress : This is a sensation of extreme pressure. Inability to cope with pressure leads to the pressure becoming stress. Some stress is helpful in boosting the performance of an individual as the person tries to counter the situation. Numerous people engage in thrilling activities because[…]


How To Remove Negative Energy From The Human Body

Negativity Cleansing Through Meditation Negativity is an attitude that we form about something, even about things that are beneficial to others. Negative Energy a way of seeing things that we attach to everything, a label we attach to everything. The mind has a tendency of being negative and attaching it to everything happening in real[…]

Distance Healing Service

Distant Healing Services Provider in Jaipur

Distance Healing Distance healing Service refers to any form of healing energy sent to another person through the fabrics of time and space. In this form of healing, you do not have to be physically present in order to receive the healing. This type of healing is equally effective as in person. This is due[…]


Cure Depression Through Meditation | Basics of Meditation

Treatment of Depression : A person with depression can feel sad, anxious and lonely. They can no longer find pleasure in the activities that they do, experience loss of appetite or overeat, have problems making decisions and experience difficulties maintaining relations. It can also be a symptom to an ailment or side effect to a[…]