Psychic Chakras in the Body | The Seven Major Chakras Of The Human Body

Psychic Chakras in the Body Understanding Chakras Psychic Chakras are first step towards energy as well as existence in the physical body. Our organs and chakras are interconnected. They respond and act in response with the energy and vibration obtained from Pranic Shakti Yoga Music. Imbalance or stress cropping up due to the emotional, intellectual[…]

Heart Chakra

The Fourth Chakra | Heart Chakra | Anahata Chakra

The other form of Goddess Shakti to embrace the chakra is Kakini shakti. In this form, she rules the Heart or Anahata chakra. This chakra is a component of thymus situated in the chest region. This chakra has green colour with 12 petals in its lotus. The features of the chakra, she administers along with other presiding divinity is multifaceted emotions, compassion, affection, unreserved love, stability, refutation as well as comfort.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Third Chakra | Solar Plexus Chakra | Mani Pura Chakra

Being a controlling deity of Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra Goddess Shakti is placed at this chakra as a Lakini shakti. This chakra is a component of metabolic and digestive system. Its colour is yellow with ten petals. Goddess presides over all features of the solar plexus chakra namely issues of personal control, apprehension, angst, opinion-formation, shyness, and evolution from simple or base emotions to composite along with other presiding divinity.

Sacral Chakra
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Seven Chakras in Human Body