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Negativity Checking and Solution

When your sub-conscious mind becomes active you develop negative energy within you. The process of negativity checking keeps a guard on you and help.

Depression solution

Positive thinking towards life is the best way to come out depression. Building faith on oneself. Meditation is the best way to relieve from stress and overcome your depression.

Distance Healing

In distance healing you are guided through phones. Initially you need to fill the form, then you are being guided how and where to meditate at your place. Duration of this process will from

Solution of Tension

It is only a positive attitude which helps human being to face worst situation of life with ease. Whenever you are tensed think positively, you know that situation will not remain same all.

Kundli Checking (Astrologer)

Kundli checking means knowing the positions of planets as per astrology viewpoint. Through this we are able to which planet is in.

Vastu Checking

If you want to know how your house should be according to vastu shastra there is a test here you can get some sort of small tips to get vaastu shastra power.


To begin with, you sit in a comfortable position on a chair and close your eyes. You can play soft meditation music according to your choice.

The 7 Chakras


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About Pranic Shakti

How we do it?
The Pranic Shakti gets activated with the help of your mind.

The Pranic Healing that we give is in your conscious mind that reaches the sub-conscious mind through it.
The sub-conscious mind cannot identify whether the thought in the conscious mind is true or it is mere an imagination. Whatever message, it receives from the conscious mind is taken to be true.
Keeping this concept in mind, Pranic healing is a powerful technique in which whatever work it wants the sub-conscious mind to do is fed into the conscious mind.
When the subconscious mind receives a message, it augments all your seven Chakras, Kundalini and Aura together. All this takes years to develop in a normal course, whereas, we can do it within a few hours time with the trance technique.


  • Evoke, First stage

    This is the stage wherein the chakras, kundalini and aura are developed.

  • Evolution, Second stage

    This is the stage wherein the dormant energy within your aura is activated and you receive all the positive energy from it and begin to gain benefits from it.

  • Retribution, Third stage

    The third stage is the phase wherein you come in tandem with your past. You get to meet the past equations of your life.

  • Homogeneous, Fourth stage

    This is the stage where you dwell with the deities, angels and the good spirits.

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1st Stage
  • To Evoke Pranicshakti
  • Solution of Negative-Energy
  • To Evoke Chakras with Kundalini and Aura Chakras
  • You can easily achieve your Goal / Wishes
  • Shri Yantra (Mantarit)
  • 1 C.D. of Session
  • You can attend two sessions
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2nd Stage
  • To Evoke Pranicshakti
  • To Evoke Chakras with Kundalini and Aura Chakras
  • Development of all chakras
  • All Renain services of EVOKE
  • You can easily achieve your Goal / Wishes
  • Shri Yantra (Mantarit)
  • 1 C.D. of Session
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3rd Stage
  • All services of EVOKE, Session (2 Hours)
  • All services of EVOLUTION, Session (2 Hours)
  • Past Regression
  • Distance healing
  • Duration of RETRIBUTION session is 2 hours
  • Master speech about Meditation
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4th Stage
  • All services of EVOKE, Session (2 Hours)
  • All services of Evolution, Session (2 Hours)
  • All services of RETRIBUTION, Session (2 Hours)
  • Deep Meditation Homogeneous, Session (2 Hours)
  • Qualified Certificate
  • Question and Answers Session
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